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Ludo MultiPlayer HD - Parchis


Ludo MultiPlayer board game for Android, also known as Parchis board game. * 3D dice roll animation * Play Ludo with A.I (CPU) * Multiplayer (upto 4 Players) Ludo board game* 6 different Ludo boards * Animated auto token movements for Ludo board game
GamePlay : The Ludo board game can be played by 1 to 4 players. Each player race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls along a path. Ludo board game gets interesting when one player's token lands on a square/grid containing an opponent player's token, then the opponent player's token is captured and returns to the starting area. The winner is the first player to get all four of his/her tokens to the finish square/grid (home square/grid). Play and try this amazing classic game of Ludo.
Other Features: * Sound effects: Dice roll, Token movement, Token Cut, Piano music etc * Intuitive and easy to use User Interface * Start a new Ludo game anytime * Save a Ludo board game anytime during playtime * Load a previously saved Ludo board game
About Ludo : Ludo is a simplified version of the traditional Indian Cross and Circle game Pachisi or parcheesi. The game is known as Ludi in the Caribbean, "Fia med Knuff" in Sweden, "The Chinese" in Poland, 'mens-erger-je-niet" in the Netherlands. Ludo board game is also similar to Parchis, Parcheesi, Tock and Sorry! Play and try this amazing classic game of Ludo.
Issues: E-Mail with Device and Model number
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